Working Principles

The following diagram explains the relations between APRJA, the workshops and the newspapers.

The workshops and the publication of the newspapers follows:

  • An open call for abstracts invites participants to present their research project and address the framework of the call, followed by a selection process by the editors.
  • Prior to the research event, participants present their work in progress and engage in dialogue using blogs, wikis or other tools for networked collaboration.

Along with face-to-face critique at the research event, this constitutes part of an additional peer-review process in a constructively critical mode to reflect collective thinking and to allow peers to contribute to the quality of the outcomes.

After the event, participants present and disseminate the outcome of the process:

  • In the format of an abstraction of their research activities (a short article, and image, a piece of code, etc.). The abstractions will be included in a newspaper series (“Peer-reviewed Newspaper”), where the editors may also choose to work conceptually, and include other relevant material to reflect the thematic framework.
  • The Peer-reviewed Newspaper series is free and will be distributed strategically to a wider readership by the editors and participants (at festivals, educational institutions, research conferences, newsstands, libraries, etc.)
  • The articles and contributions to the workshops are further developed and invited for submission to APRJA and subsequent rigorous peer-review by leading independent experts in the field.