There is value and there are values. There is the measure of wealth, metrified and calculated in numerous ways, and there are ideas, ethics, preferences of taste, and customs of ideology. […] But what really happens when the two are conflated? How do we understand how the values associated with something give it value; or, how giving something a value affords certain values? And, in what ways are the conflations of value and values tied to the circulation of value and values in contemporary technical infrastructures? […] The articles published in A Peer-Reviewed Journal About Research Values interrogate value and values in ways that respond to techno-cultural shifts and embrace the range of economies that pervade digital culture. … read more

VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1, 2018
Edited by Christian Ulrik Andersen & Geoff Cox
ISSN 2245-7755


Editorial – Most and Least of Research Value/s
Pip Thornton – Language Redux

Facing Values
Luke Munn – Rendered Inoperable: Uber and the Collapse of Algorithmic Power
Mitra Azar – Algorithmic Facial Image, Regimes of Truth and Datafication
Lea Laura Michelsen – Thinking Beyond Biometrics: A Playful Dance

Knowing Values
Francis Hunger – Epistemic Harvest: The Electronic Database as Discourse and Means of Data Production
César Escudero Andaluz & Martín Nadal – Economy, Knowledge and Surveillance in the Age of the Cryptocene
Maria Eriksson – Unpacking Online Streams
Dionysia Mylonaki & Panagiotis Tigas – Unravelling the Regulation Machine: Fake News, Toxic Comments and “Illegitimate” Culture

Activating Values
Marc Garrett – Unlocking Proprietorial Systems for Artistic Practice
Ashley Lee Wong – Artists in the Creative Economy: Inoperative Modes of Resistance
Konstanze Scheidt – Inflatables and Activism: Affective Politics and the Political Potential of Inflatables

Changing Values
Calum Bowden – Forking in Time: Blockchains and a Political Economy of Absolute Succession
Tega Brain – The Environment is Not a System

Image by Pip Thornton, from Language Redux.