Research Intensive: Contemporary Research – Open Access

Three day workshop for the Research Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2017
04-06 October 2017

Organised by The Contemporary Condition, Aarhus University; Exhibition Research Lab, Liverpool JM University in partnership with Liverpool Biennial; Art Research Collective, Plymouth University; and APRJA.

The workshop addresses the overall notion of “contemporary research”, drawing together discussions that operate in the domains of contemporary art and digital culture. This refers to “con-temporaneity”, the temporal complexity that follows from the coming together of times, and we are additionally interested in the parallels between artistic research and how machines engage in epistemological practices. We place our focus on the way in which temporal qualities can be made known in the context of academic research – as artistic modes of argumentation that unfold in time, through practice, and particularly through practice that involves the active role of machines and computation.

The workshop also highlights the open access nature of contemporary research. Engaging with novel approaches to peer review and in the ways we combine working through online and offline publication platforms, the workshop disseminates its findings through the academic register of an online open access journal APRJA as well as newspaper format with short accessible articles for a general readership.

The open call for the participation for international researchers will be announced here soon.

Research Intensive Faculty include:
Jacob Lund, The Contemporary Condition, Aarhus University
Christian Ulrik Andersen, Aarhus University
Geoff Cox, The Contemporary Condition, Aarhus University / Art Research Collective, Plymouth University
Joasia Krysa, Professor of Exhibition Research, Director Exhibition Research Lab, in partnership with Liverpool Biennial


Current Issue

Our next issue - Research Values - is coming soon.