Different technologies, their cultures of use, and how they are conceptualised, at once represent compatibilities and incompatibilities. What happens when such in/compatible phenomena are brought to the fore rather than hidden away in the dark underbelly of digital culture? Is their in/compatibility a threat to stability, connectivity and to the operations of socio-technical systems more broadly? How do these unresolved tensions and paradoxes of media technologies continue to impact experimental artistic imagination and research practices? ... read more

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, 2012
Edited by Christian Ulrik Andersen and Geoff Cox
ISSN: 2245-7755


Bazzichelli, Tatiana: “reSource for transmedial culture – Networking communities as research practice”
Andersen, Christian Ulrik & Pold, Søren: “Competing Compatibilities – Is the ‘interface’ an alienating ideal for human/computer activity?”
Scherffig, Lasse: “(ping) pong – Feedback Machines between Computation and Control”
Karppi, Tero: “Threat of Disconnection – Re-thinking the Internet”
Gaboury, Jacob: “Image Objects: Computer Graphics and Object Orientation”
Menotti, Gabriel: “Blind Optics”
Parikka, Jussi: “Material Incompatibility”
Zielinski, Siegfried: “Against psychopathia medialis — For normal schizophrenia”
Cox, Geoff: “Notes on 120days of *buntu”

Sollfrank, Cornelia: “Performing the Paradoxes of Intellectual Property – Tactical Questioning”
Thompson, Marie: “M*anifesto f0r Interfer!ng Wom/en”
Kristensen, Thomas Bjørnsten: “In/compatible Imagi(ni)ng – Ideal reproduction and discrete signals”
Blas, Zach: “On Queer Viralities
Tarasiewicz, Mathias: “Artistic Technology Research”
Baio, Cesar: “Programming abstract machines – the artist’s role in mediation technologies”
Breinbjerg, Morten: “Echoes of the Past – Poetic expression as research method”
Riis, Morten: “An interview with the steam engine”
Jucan, Joana B.: “An Experience of Thought – Measure for Endurance”
Murphie, Andrew: “Models and the Future”
Wenhart, Nina: “Speculative Archiving && Experimental Preservation of Media Art”

Pold, Søren, & Andersen, Christian Ulrik: “Controlled Consumption Interfaces – When digital culture becomes software business”
Terranova, Tiziana: “Heterogenesis, growth, in.compatibility – neoliberal capital and immaterial labor power”
Wiedemann, Carolin: “Irrepresentable Collectivity”
Mansoux, Aymeric: “Dawn of the Ugly”
Lawrie, Magnus: “Capital Markets”
Lisitano, Giannina: “In response to the thematic framework of transmediale 2012, in/compatible: Interview with Kristoffer Gansing, artistic director of transmediale”