Emerging from ongoing research around interface criticism in the Digital Aesthetics Research Center and Center for Digital Urban Living, the aim of this newspaper is to broaden the topic to encompass the changing concept of the ’public’. The newspaper is organized into three thematic strands: ART as public interface; the public interfaces of URBAN space; the public interface and CAPITAL... read more

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1, 2011
Edited by Christian Ulrik Andersen, Geoff Cox & Jacob Lund
ISSN: 2245-7755


Andersen, Christian Ulrik & Pold, Søren Bro: “The Patterns of Software cities”
Poposki, Zoran: “The Right To The City: Reclaiming The Urban Landscape By Art And Activism”
Miles, Malcolm: “One, Other and the Same: the public as monument”
Brown, Robert: “Mapping the Unmappable, Knowing the Unknowable”

Lund, Jacob: “Sensus Communis And The Public”
Løfgreen, Lars Bo: “Encyclopedic Public, Multitude, Virno, Interface”
Carter, Kevin: “Hybrid Public Art Practice”
Jackson, Robert: “Why we should be ‘Discrete’ in Public”
Gram, Nina: “iPublic Interfaces”
Riis, Morten: “The interface and the machine”
Prior, Andrew: “Noise at the Interface”
Tyzlik-Carver, Magda: “Interfacing the commons: curatorial system as a form of production on the edge”
Krysa, Joasia: “Some Questions on Curating as (Public) Interface to the Art Market”

Stephensen, Jan Løhmann: “The Creative Public: democratic or productive?”
Andersen, Christian Ulrik & Pold, Søren Bro: “Digital Art and Culture After Industry? – towards aesthetic business studies”
Cox, Geoff: “Public Interfa(e)ces”
Rasmussen, Mikkel Bolt: “The Control Society After 9/11”
Bazzichelli, Tatiana: “When Art Goes Disruptive: The A/Moral Dis/Order of Recursive Publics”